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strategic challenges many businesses face

I have consulted with over 90 businesses over the past 35 years and have consistently found the same issues in many of them.

How many of these issues do your business face:

  1. No clear strategy. Ask your top team and your customers to write down your strategy individually without conferring, if they don't agree you have a problem.
  2. They have no competitive advantage so compete on price and suffer low margins. Are your margins the best in your sector?
  3. They don't have the right people on the bus. How many of your team consistently produce results beyond your expectations?
  4. They have a culture by default rather than by design. Are you confident your people do the right thing when no one is looking?
  5. Don't really understand what their customers want. Did your recent customer perception survey confirm you give your customers what they want much better than your competitors?

Tough questions, but how did your rate your business?