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Grow your business by creating Magic Moments for your customers

When was the last time you were the wowed by a Magic Moment delivered by a supplier? Can you recall 2 or 3 times this past 12 months? If you can you will be lucky and unique. Most of us put up with poor service and average products because we have had to reluctantly get used to mediocrity.

But it does not have to be like that and this is your opportunity. If you go out of your way a bit and create some magic Moments for your customers you will enjoy: high levels of repeat business, new business from referrals and a lowering of sensitivity to price. Most sane business people would take these benefits if offered.

Here are some examples to get your juices flowing:

  • One Asian airline’s stewards in business class memorize each passengers name on their sector and use it every time, it’s amazing and makes passengers feel important and cared for.
  • When I visit one business they take my car keys and valet my car inside and they are a builder not a garage and they leave a packet of sweets on the seat
  • My wife's hairdresser showed her how to do her hair as well as he does every time so she feels good all the time.
  • A hotel manager introduced me to Brian Adams the singer because he knew I was a big fan.
  • A supplier discovered I really liked an Italian wine I had when I was on holiday in piedmont and delivered a case of it to me on my birthday.

There is no formulae for creating Magic Moments it just requires a bit of imagination and empathy and if its done well then it can create a friend for life.

Have a go and let me know how you go on I am always looking for examples I can use in my work.