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Two values that help create great businesses

I have had the good fortune to work with some great businesses over 30 years as a consultant. What, if anything, do they have in common?

Well one thing is clear; the very best have two common values as part of their culture. Firstly, treating employees, and in fact all stakeholders, with dignity and respect. This is from the recruitment process through to how they are managed and even when they need to let people go. They do it with dignity and respect which creates a very positive culture of commitment within.

The second value is delighting customers, going that extra mile to ensure all customers are delighted with the service they receive. This leads to high levels of repeat business, new business from referrals from delighted customers and a lowering of sensitivity to price. In my view some people mistakenly believe this is the soft stuff but this is not the case. Great values turns into the hard stuff – profit!

Common sense? I would sooner name it rare sense because I don’t come across it that often!