Entrepreneur Book

Learn How to Become an Entrepreneur

The Entrecode book clearly explains how entrepreneurs start, grow and revitalise businesses.

By working with hundreds of entrepreneurs across the world we are able to present the inner secrets of the entrepreneurial mind, to unlock their code for creating successful businesses.

In this book you will discover that personal skills such as drive, positive attitude, recovery from setbacks and persistence are far more important than business processes such as market research, business planning or job descriptions.

You will learn that entrepreneurs create superior opportunities that solve customer's problems, enjoy competitive advantage and are highly profitable. They create these opportunities by finding a customer problem, solving it and them selling the solution to everybody else.

They set out to delight and not just satisfy customers and build a team around them of people with the same values but complimentary skills. We also found that entrepreneurs learn best from other successful entrepreneurs so the book is a series of amazing stories of how entrepreneurs achieved success. In effect a book for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

The Entrecode findings will challenge and change your views on what entrepreneurs do to create a successful business. If you want to ensure your business is a success then read this book and learn from the best.

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