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Helping people to find and release the passion and drive to really succeed

In successful people one common factor is personal passion and drive but where does it come from? How can we help people to unleash it themselves? Our research with successful entrepreneurs provides some clues:


- Moving away from failure at school. Many entrepreneurs want to prove themselves to themselves and others having left school with no qualifications.


- Discovering strengths through processes like proper career guidance. What skills have I got that I was unaware of but can exploit?


- Seeing the future and not liking it. My father told me he hated work when he retired and I was determined that would not be me.


- Finding a mentor or friend who really believes in you and gives you the confidence to become the best you can be.


- Finding a passion for a cause or something you want to put right which you pursue relentlessly.


- Breaking the effect of a peer group with low expectations. All my friends at school were going to work on a building site and I was until I discovered on an Outward Bound programme there were people with much bigger aspirations and I could be one of them!


So there it is, the challenge for parents and educators. How can you help people become the best they can be and to live their lives to the full?