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Entrecode doesn’t just look at one successful example of an entrepreneur and run with it; you’ll also find out the truth behind corporate entrepreneurship, especially in chapter 11 and 12. The section focuses on ‘bringing life to new businesses’ and it can guide determined individuals or small groups through the process of breaking away from a corporate company to create new innovative businesses, or to do so within a corporate environment.  With a selection of personal stories from successful businesspeople, you’ll also get an idea on the requirements of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Entrecode is structured thoughtfully; therefore it’s simple to flick back through the pages and review the most relevant aspects of the book to help you with your most recent business activity and decision-making. 

Does Corporate Entrepreneurship Exist?

Many individuals working within a corporate structure are bound by strict rules, meaning innovation can be minimal or perhaps non-existent. Entrecode author David Hall understands the misconception that surrounds the term ‘corporate entrepreneurship’, and Entrecode aims to unlock the entrepreneurial code for aspiring businessman; helping them to escape the corporate rulebook to create their own pathway to success. David’s consultancy skills come through in Entrecode, and his successful model has helped a wide range of individuals manoeuvre and break away from corporate entrepreneurship restrictions to form their own pioneering companies. 

Become an Entrepreneur without Corporate Limits

Corporate entrepreneurship can often be misunderstood, and there are many ways to escape large corporate companies and begin your own innovative journey, and who better than David Hall to take you on it. He’s an established and experienced Entrepreneur using his skills to help the next generation of businesspeople. Entrecode will show you how to create great businesses using a proven model, whilst unlocking your very own entrepreneurial code in the process. So learn from the best and order your copy today, or to find out more about Entrecode and how it can help you; contact David on 01430 425 541 or email him at

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