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Get back to basics… for Christmas

In these difficult economic times it is important for businesses to stay grounded, focused and on the front foot.

As my Christmas present to you I will share two processes that I have introduced into my main clients that have added real value:

1. Alignment
Make sure the key strategic issues are translated into priority actions for your senior people. Then ensure your people focus their time and energy on them. Ask them “take out your diary, what have you been doing this week”. A target of 50% of time as a minimum is a good standard. Most businesses find that it is less than 10% when they start off. Chances of success?

2. Attunement
Make sure your key people model and champion the core values of your business. For example, if it’s ‘delighting customers’ or ‘treating people with respect’ check whether they are doing it. ‘Inspect, don’t expect’ is a good tip in these hard times.

If you get alignment and attunement sorted you are doing well and almost certainly better than your competitors.

Merry Christmas and stay focused.