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Biz Week Event 2014

EVENT TITLE:  Finding Your Hidden Profits How you can replicate the Keepmoat success story

WHEN:  Tuesday 3rd June 2014, 10am – 11:30am

WHERE:  The Village Hotel, Hull


David Hall, the BBC BAFTA award winning business consultant, will present this workshop with Terry Bramall, the original owner of Keepmoat, one of Yorkshire’s most successful businesses.

David and Terry worked together for over 35 years, building the business from £25m to £750m.  Over a 10 year period from 1997, Keepmoat posted profits of 10% per annum, whilst its competitors struggled to make 4%.

  • What were the key building blocks that helped to create the success?
  • How did they create the unique team that produced industry leading profits?
  • What did they do to capture the hidden profits within?

Many people, particularly in the City, wondered how it was done.  You will find out by attending this event.

During the session David and Terry will share their experiences to help you to replicate Keepmoat’s success.

COST:  FREE (70 places maximum)

WHO SHOULD BE THERE: Business owners, CEOs, MDs, FDs, and Directors of large and medium sized businesses.

HOW TO BOOK:   Email Lynn Bradshaw: lynn@davidhalluk.com