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Services for Entrepreneurship

We have developed a range of services which have successfully been used by many thousands of businesses across the world.  These have been designed, piloted, tested and used by people to become successful entrepreneurs in order to start, grow and revitalise their businesses.

How do you match up to the entrecode® key skills?  What skills do you have which you can leverage and what do you need to work on in order to succeed?  Click here for more details.

The entrecode® skills have been shown to be critical to business success. How can you develop your entrepreneurial skills and the performance of your business?  Our coaching service will help you to succeed.  Click here for more details.

"I really benefited from David's coaching sessions, significantly improving my capability and confidence."  Paul Mackie, CEO, Rex Procter & Partners

How can you boost the performance of your business in an entrepreneurial way?  We have developed 43 toolkits that have been used by entrepreneurs over the past 25 years.  You don't have to risk getting it wrong; these toolkits provide a roadmap to help you succeed.  Click here for more information.

"We found the toolkits invaluable in improving the profits of our business."  Mark Eggleston, Owner, W J  Components

Our consulting services have been shown to produce results at least 6 times expectations. See client feedback here.

Our money back guarantee ensures you will never be disappointed with the results we produce together.  Click here for more details.

"David helped us to grow our business from £25m to £750m over 30 years."  Terry Bramall, Owner, Keepmoat Plc

Speaking Engagements and Presentations
We have spoken at workshops, conferences and company events in the UK, France Australia, USA, Italy, Spain and Indonesia.  Click here for details of our typical presentations and to book David.

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