Entrepreneur Toolkit

Toolkits for Entrepreneurs

We also have a library of entrepreneurial toolkits which enable you boost your performance and that of your business.

Our toolkits were developed and written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to provide help and support in developing your business.

There are 38 toolkits available in the book which have proven invaluable to entrepreneurs across the world. For a free copy of any of the below toolkits please e-mail david@davidhalluk.com

  • How to achieve your personal goals
  • Developing your business skills
  • Developing your personal qualities
  • Being interpersonally skilled
  • Providing leadership
  • Tools for prioritising and focusing
  • Working on the business
  • Creating a vision
  • Redoing your strategy
  • Managing stakeholders effectively
  • Picking the right people
  • Clarify the key roles
  • How to achieve your business goals
  • Dealing with supervisory slippage
  • Let go to grow
  • Conducting a customer perception survey
  • Removing obstacles customers face buying from you
  • Getting customer service right
  • Build your business by delighting customers
  • Build your business by networking
  • Problem seeking problem solving (Corporate)
  • Problem seeking problem solving (Creating)
  • Problem seeking problem solving (Existing)
  • Increasing sales using the turnover drivers
  • Intrepreneurship
  • Developing a superior product or service
  • Making work fun and enjoyable
  • Creating your preferred culture
  • Fixing system slippage
  • Removing process blocks and disconnects
  • Control your recipe for success
  • Inspect, don't expect
  • Fighting the flab
  • Keep your finger on the financial pulse of your business
  • Building a business generating system
  • How to run an enterprise exchange
  • Investing in yourself
  • Zero based budgeting

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