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Entrecode – Unlocking the Entrepreneurial DNA

My new book Entrecode – Unlocking the Entrepreneurial DNA is to be published shortly. The book is the result of 25 years research into how entrepreneurs really do start, grow and revitalise businesses.

Here is a review of the book by The Earl of Errol, Chairman, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Entrepreneurship:

“David Hall’s book unlocks the DNA of entrepreneurship. He distils over 20 years of know-how and shares with us a new understanding of entrepreneurs. From the vision and creativity they use to spot the opportunity, to the persistence and determination needed to overcome the inevitable obstacles. Using extensive research and unique analysis, Entrecode identifies 21 key factors of entrepreneurship. With relevant and engaging stories from real-life entrepreneurs, this is an insightful and practical guide for everyone who aims to become an entrepreneur. It takes techniques from high performing athletes and applies them to setting up and growing a successful business, with inspiring results. Entrecode is an excellent tool to help create a new generation of entrepreneurs. As well as revealing the secrets of educating for entrepreneurship, it will add value to both the entrepreneur and the wider economy. This isn’t just another book about enterprise, it’s a radical unveiling of the key traits of business success and how anyone can use them.”