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Insights from coaching young talented managers

I have been coaching 12 young technical people identified as future high flying managers. An interesting pattern of development needs has emerged which may have implications for other organisations.

They have all been through a rigorous selection process including personality tests and have management and leadership potential but with some common areas for development:

  1. They don't promote themselves in meetings preferring so stay quiet, which is a confidence issue.
  2. They are unclear about their job role and what they need to do to add value.
  3. They don't delegate well and multi task trying to do everything themselves.
  4. Their level of interpersonal skills in dealing with people is generally low.
  5. They place too much emphasis on their technical skills as opposed to their management skills.
  6. They have ideas on how to improve the business but lack the confidence to approach senior managers.

The good news is they are ambitious and are keen to learn and with a bit of coaching I am sure they will succeed.