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5 ways to make a step change in your business

Here are some lessons I have learned from helping businesses to make a step change in their performance:

  1. "the easiest way to make money is to stop losing it" so refocus your strategy, eliminate loss makers and concentrate on profitable products and customers. Tip: eliminate investments in nostalgia i.e. products you like that lose money!
  2. Conduct a customer perception survey and act on the feedback Tip: be prepared for surprises.
  3. Select a small team of your best people to work ON the business in order to boost its performance .Tip: assume nothing, leave no stone unturned, benchmark your business with the best, encourage trial and error pilots.
  4. Maximise productivity by ensuring alignment between strategic priorities and individuals key objectives Tip: ask people to review their diaries, what do they actually spend their time doing?
  5. Make sure you have the right people on the bus don't compromise Tip: ask yourself how many people produce results beyond your expectations act on the results.

Clients who have addressed these 5 issues have made significant step changes to their businesses ... and so can you if you are up for it.