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Memorable Mentors

In order to learn grow and develop we all need people who take a genuine interest in us and help us build our confidence and competence.

These people are invaluable, they rarely seek or get the recognition or the thanks they deserve so I am going publicly put that right for those who have helped me.

Raymond Elderton who saw something in me encouraged me as a teenage plumber to study and to develop myself. He suggested I had the skills to be a journalist, barrister or a management consultant and I became the latter. Ray taught me to believe in myself. Thanks Ray.

Gerard Egan who taught me how to help organisations with strategy and business development. I lived with Gerry in Chicago for a while ( my wife thought I was crazy) and he shared his experiences with me. Priceless. A genius who gave me his time and wisdom. Thanks Gerry.

Tim Atterton the Director of the small business centre at Curtin Business School in Perth Australia who became a sponsor of my work in Australia for a number of years and enabled me to work across that great country. The best networker I ever met.Thanks Tim.

Finally my wife Ellen who has been a constant friend and mentor ensuring I did not start to take myself too seriously! Thanks Ellen.

Hope I have not forgotten anybody...

There job done. So who have been your unsung heroes....