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5 things I have learnt from working with CEO's

I have spent the past 30 years consulting with CEO's and have noticed a number of trends.

  1. The better CEO's are usually very interpersonally skilled which enables them to gain loyalty and commitment. They understand that people want honesty, competence and inspiration from their leaders.
  2. Many are quite stressed because they have no useful management models or processes by which to run their business.
  3. Few have a robust strategy that provides focus and direction or competitive advantage.
  4. CEO's brought in from outside the business who try to apply their previous experiences to the new business often fail because they don't understand the prevailing culture and DNA.
  5. The Shadow Side of the business i.e. ego's, politics, culture and social system CEO's find the most difficult to manage but they ignore it at their peril.

The good news is that help is at hand which is what I do as a consultant.