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The secrets of Keepmoatā€™s success

I have been asked many times to try to explain why Keepmoat, my favourite client for 35 years were so successful. We made 10% net profit for 9 years running whilst the nearest competitor struggled to reach 4%.

I had the pleasure of telling the Keepmoat story with the owner Terry Bramall recently publicly and here is what we concluded....

Firstly we had a clear strategy that we stuck to and worked hard at delivering.

We developed a culture where people ran the business as if they personally owned it.

We tried to delight customers and treat all stakeholders with dignity and respect.

We selected people very carefully and trained them in the skills we needed to run the business and rewarded them for performance.

Many other clients would claim they do these things as well so where's the magic?

Actually they DONT has been my experience.

The final ingredient was Terry Bramall himself who was a fabulous leader who inspired people and had the knack of doing the right thing

Well there it is I am very proud to have been part of it.

A once in a lifetime experience. Job done.