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3 ways top performers get into the zone

High performing people including entrepreneurs, athletes and musicians perform at their best when they are ‘in the zone’.  This is a state of optimal functioning both mentally and physically.

How can you get into the zone and fly?

  1. Keep your eyes on the prize.  Keep your vision of success at the forefront of your mind so you can “see it, smell it and taste it”, as one entrepreneur told me.  This should enable you to function with a positive attitude, avoiding distractions and staying persistent.
  2. Start something. Disorderly action is better than planned inaction every time because you get success or learning.  When I am writing a book or a report I just sit down with a pen and a clean sheet of paper and start.  Things start to happen and I get energised and focused.
  3. Get a routine that works for you.  My daughter Penny got into the zone during her exams by using the same routine every time.  She didn’t talk to other students beforehand and get worried.  When she got into the exam room she placed her watch on the table in the exact same place, same with her pens and equipment.  She read the exam paper slowly right the way through.  She then started and allocated herself ten minutes at the end to review.  It worked for her every time.

You know when you have been in the zone because you are focused, at your best and time elapses at a different speed.  So try these techniques or develop your own and good luck in learning to fly!