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Five brilliant ways entrepreneurs delight their customers…. and gain competitive advantage

  1. Do what it says on the tin.  Fancy marketing and sales will not cover up poor products and services for long, customers are not stupid. So ensure your product or service does what it is supposed to do, really well, every time.
  2. Under promise, over deliver.  Surprise customers by going the extra mile and surprising them with your service levels.  Deliver quicker, make it friendly and personal.
  3. Treat your customers like your friends and with dignity and respect.  Be honest and straightforward and you will stand out from the crowd.  Customers want honesty, inspiration and competence – that’s your recipe for success.
  4. Help customers to solve their problems.  Customers don’t buy products or services, they buy solutions to their problems.  So make sure your product or service really does solve your customers’ problems.
  5. Seek to build long term partnerships and relationships with customers.  Most customers want to deal with people they like and trust and are creatures of habit. They want the certainty that you can bring to their lives.