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How to become an Entrepreneur

My latest book entrecode: Unlocking the entrepreneurial DNA provides the tools and lessons to enable everybody to become an entrepreneur.  Here is how to do it.

  1. Serve an apprenticeship.  Work for a business in the sector you want to start a business in and learn how to do it at somebody else’s expense.  This will dramatically improve your chances of success and reduce your risk of failing.
  2. Develop your entrepreneurial skills.  In order to become an entrepreneur you need to develop the skills required to be successful.  These are clearly set out in my entrecode book and the good news is that they can be developed.
  3. Discover your passion.  What are you really interested in?  What fascinates you? You need to find something you really want to make your life’s work and that you will still be obsessed with in ten years time.
  4. Find a customer problem and turn it into an opportunity.  All successful entrepreneurs turn problems into profitable opportunities.  So you need to spend time with customers and find a problem you can solve and then sell the solution to the world.
  5. Work out what you are really good at and get people around you who compliment your skills.  Don’t try and be all things to all people.  Make sure you get good people with the same values but complimentary skills.  Your role is to set the strategy and pick the people capable of helping you deliver it.

So there it is, your recipe for entrepreneurial success.