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5 things entrepreneurs do to innovate

We discovered in our Entrecode research that entrepreneurs innovate in order to create new solutions to customers’ problems.  Here is how they do it, you can do the same:

  1. Break the Rules.  If you always do what you have always done, you will always get…… Innovation means new, different, improved, developed, changed, so in order to achieve that you have to do something different which usually breaks the rules of sameness, order, ritual and routine.
  2. Find a customer problem to solve that they will pay for the solution.  Inventors make things they are passionate about; entrepreneurs solve customer problems by trial and error pilots and constant innovation.
  3. Join the dots.  Entrepreneurs open up to the world and find interesting ideas which they join together to make something new and different.
  4. Accept failure.  You can’t get it right every time, entrepreneurs accept that.  They also value the learning they get by trying and failing so they move on and try again.
  5. Stay Persistent.  Entrepreneurs keep going when others would give up.  They are driven by a passion and obsession to succeed so they don’t recognise problem or blockages just projects to be worked on in order to get to the prize. 

None on this is rocket science but entrepreneurs do it while the rest look on and wonder……