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Entrecode: The Landmark Book on Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs

The Entrecode is a new book on entrepreneurship which provides the information and tools to enable you to unlock your entrepreneurial DNA to create a successful business. In this website we discuss the book and our approach to entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurs that practice it.

Why You Should Read Entrecode® - Unlocking the Entrepreneurial DNA.

  • The author has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years so he understands first-hand how they work.  Entrecode® is the result of working with over 500 successful entrepreneurs around the world.

    Check out videos of the author introducing the entrecode® here.
  • The skills and practices outlined in entrecode® - Unlocking the Entrepreneurial DNA have been tried and tested by entrepreneurs and their experiences are shared in the book.
  • You can significantly increase your chances of success and reduce the risks of failure by understanding and emulating how entrepreneurs do their work. 


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